Realme 6 Pro

Today we’re gonna be unboxing the Realme 6 Proand as you can see this is kind of unique for my channel because we’reoutdoors and let me try to show you guys where I am right now. So we’re outdoorsand this is where we’re gonna be unboxing this Realme 6 Pro so this is just gonna be a very raw kind of article. anyway here we go –

The Realme 6 Pro unboxing

so again you can see we have a document sleeve right here. It says “let’s embrace a new journey”. And opening up the…well let’s now open up the document sleeve. There’s actually a hole right up here so you can see that we have the jelly case.

It’s a rubber case right here and then we have the documentation as well so let’s put that aside and then we have the phone actually this has already been unboxed I’m just trying to show you how it feels or it looks when you unbox it for the first time you can see the Thunderbolt design at the back it’s really cool you can see that and that’s why.

I think this is a good idea to unbox this outdoors so you can see the actual effect of the Thunderbolt design at the back see that it’s really cool I like it’s just unfortunate that you don’t get to see its full beauty when you’re using this indoors but when you’re outdoors like this this is how it looks like anyway let’s go back to the phone in a bit let’s just check out what else is inside so we have a charger so this is supposedly a 30-watt charger.

so we’re gonna be testing that out as well because if you remember my Realme 6ivideo, they claim that it could charge up to 18 watts but that was not the case.And you have a USB type-c cable here as well and now let’s go ahead and checkout the phone but let’s put on the jelly case here so we don’t get to scratchthis.

So right here we have a headphone jack a USB type-c port and a down firing speaker at the top we have a noise cancelling microphone and the side we have on the left side we have the volume rockers and on the right side you have the power button and the fingerprint scanner and at the back we have a quad camera setup.

so the main shooter is a 64 megapixel camera so yeah that’s pretty much about it for the design on the Realme 6 Pro Alright now I’m back at my spot. I’m really sorry about the very low energy unboxing video that you just witnessed I’m not making an excuse but I actually just woke up then and went straight upto the roof deck area to unbox the Realme 6 Pro but hopefully.

I bring the energy here in my first impressions on the Realme 6 Pro. Let’s go ahead and check out the specs on this first. So the version that I have has REALME UI version one, Android10 and it’s equipped with a Snapdragon 720 G processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM128 gigabytes of storage capacity and.

Let’s talk about more about the Snapdragon 720 G. This is gonna be focused for gaming performance and you can expect that from this I’m truly excited for the gaming test on this another thing that I’m truly excited about with the Realme 6 pro is with its camera I’ve taken a few sample shots with this and I want to share this with you because I was truly impressed with the camera quality of the Realme 6 pro.

so here you go unfortunately I haven’t spent much time with the Realme 6 Pro yet so those are the only samples that I have right now but do expect to see more camera samples in my full review and again we’re gonna be taking a look at the gaming experience the overall performance the camera quality but anyway.

I hope you somehow enjoyed this article and if you did please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell button so you can watch more videos like this in the future also if you haven’t checked out Tech Reviews and Gadget Sidekick for their first impressions I’m sure they already have their first impressions on the Realme 6Pro as well so go ahead and check out their channels too. Anyway that’s it for today guys keep safe and have a great day!

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